Updated Plants for Sale Inventory – August 2012

These are plants we still have for sale. Small pots are 3$, larger pots are 5$.

Please email us at fletcher [at] ofnc.ca if you are interested in buying plants. Or, drop by a Friday morning when the volunteers are around!

If you know what you want from the list, we are hoping to have some volunteers staff the Interpretation Centre on Sunday afternoons until the end of September, but EMAIL to be sure. You could arrange to pick up your plants that day and pay.

THESE ARE THE ONLY TIMES WE CAN TAKE ORDERS. Sadly, base don past experience people often don’t commit to a time or don’t show up, which is a nuisance for volunteers who do take the time to come in expressly for that purpose.

All proceeds from our lovingly raised babies fund our projects at FWG.

Here is the list!

Lanceleaf Coreopsis – profuse yellow flowers

Purple Clematis – purple flowers, non-clinging climber

Wild Columbine – red and yellow flowers, shade or sun plant

Hairy Beardtongue – purple foxglove flowers

White Beardtongue – the original digitalis! Taller than Hairy Beardtongue, with white flowers.

New England Aster – purple-blue-pink flowers

Nodding Onion – pale purple flowers (edible greens!)

Blue Flag Iris – purple flowers

Meadow Rue – small white flowers, shade plant

Golden Alexander – yellow flowers, early bloomer

Bigleaf Aster – white flowers, shade plant

False Sunflower – yellow flowers


Still looking for native plants for your garden? Updated sale list here!

After a day of great sales (thank you!), we have now had a chance to re-inventory our stock and decide what will still be available for sale. The pdf contains this information. Some plants are listed as ‘ASK’, which means we have very limited numbers. We do have a few plants of Wild Bergamot and Beebalm, so if you are specifically looking for those also ask. Our plans are to otherwise plant them in the Butterfly Meadow; however, we are happy to sell a few for other pollinator gardens. Continue reading