Some plants are…just evil. Learn how not to plant them.

dog-strangling vine, aka swallow wort

Some plants are the poster children of invasive species awareness campaigns. We’ve all heard about Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria), and FWG works hard to raise awareness about Dog-strangling Vine (Cynanchum rossicum /Vincetoxicum rossicum) and Buckthorn (both glossy Rhamnus frangula and common Rhamnus cathartica). However, some attractive lesser-known plants with invasive tendencies are still sold as ornamentals in nurseries or gifte­d between friends. They are no less invasive, but information campaigns in the garden industry aren’t always effective so these lovely plantes fatales are still grown and sold to consumers who plant them at home, perpetuating sources of invasive spread. There isn’t any malice involved, just a lack of information or even warnings on labels.

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