Not so ‘elemen-tree’: How to plant a tree

Planting Nannyberry trees in the heat, on a slope, in the clay – a thankless job for which we are most thankful!

Planting trees should be an elementary activity in theory, right? Just dig hole, place tree, fill in and go! The reality is more complicated, as proper tree planting requires greater due diligence than people realise. How you dig the hole, place the tree, stabilise and back fill soil are essential for tree survival – and, are items sadly ignored even by some professional installers (just look more closely at trees in parking lots the next time you go shopping – suckering near the bottom of the trunk means an unhappy tree!) Continue reading


We love corporate volunteers!

Green Heron – our mascot! They like to hang out at the Amphibian Pond and eat all the frogs. Photo by Sandy Garland

In May, FWG played host to two corporate volunteer groups. Through Evergreen, Microsoft employees came and helped plant trees on the steep and newly-cleared slopes of the ravine. Their enthusiasm and stick-to-it-ness in the face of wrangling massive plants down thorny, and to then hack holes out of clay and roots was so very much appreciated. These Elderberries should survive the rabbits!

Right before the Plant Sale, volunteers from PriceWaterhouseCoopers came and planted a few trees on the slope before heading to the Butterfly Meadow to plant flowers and sift soil. They even returned after their lunch to continue work despite only being scheduled in for 3 hours that day! Diane said it was the best group she’s ever had. Continue reading