Slender False Brome shows its face in Ontario

Brachypodium sylvaticum

Drat, another invader has crossed our border to the south.

“Slender False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum), an invasive Eurasian grass, is reported for the first time in Ontario and eastern Canada from Grey County, southern Ontario. The only previous Canadian record is from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The species is widespread in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, where it is spreading aggressively throughout much of western Oregon. In the eastern U.S.A., known populations are few and localized, although the species will likely spread.  It should be watched for in southern Ontario and eastern Canada and controlled wherever possible in order to prevent the widespread invasion of the species in eastern North America.”

For more information, check out the full article at [Miller et al. 2011. Slender False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum, Poaceae), an Invasive Grass New to Ontario, Canada. Canadian Field-Naturalist 2011; 125(3)]. The article is very technical although it does have photos.