Delicate Green Monster

by Ted Farnworth

So it looks like winter has finally given up and there are signs of spring all around. We are starting to see birds, small animals, and plants at the Fletcher Garden that we haven’t seen since winter descended on us last fall.

DSV spring 2013A quick survey of the ravine showed that some plants are starting to wake up. I then took the time to look a bit closer and saw this (photo).

It looked so green, fresh, and delicate. This is what spring in the woods is all about. As I cast my eyes around, I started to realize that this small sprout was actually not alone; I could see quite a few green heads poking up through the dry soil. And then it hit me. Unless I was mistaken, I was looking at the early stage of our dreaded enemy Dog Strangling Vine (DSV). At this stage it looks so weak, fragile, and vulnerable. How deceiving!!

Since I had “volunteered” to start a small test plot to determine whether the technique of cutting around the base of DSV to kill the roots would help battle this vicious invasive species, I will be starting to patrol this part of the ravine more regularly. The technique of cutting the roots appears to have worked at another site in the garden, although it is very labour intensive and may be only a short-term solution.

So, fresh, delicate, green or not, I’m about to start striking back. My DSV program is about to start. DSV get ready for my DSV – Deadly Shoveling Venture!


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