More news on FWG’s wonderful volunteers!

There are several things most visitors don’t understand about the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, and new volunteers admit to being no exception.

1) That the FWG is not just the BYG, but an almost 7 ha area with trails and multiple habitat types.

2) That FWG is not an extension of the Arboretum – we lease the land from Ag Canada on behalf of the OFNC.

3) FWG is a project of the OFNC; though we tend to operate slightly separately, we go through them for major decisions and we are under the same charity registration number.

4) That there are many more things to do as a volunteer than ‘traditional’ gardening. We have differing levels of fitness activity (try swinging a scythe around for an hour through the DSV!) as well as work in different habitats. There is also construction work, wall building and various handy projects to do.

On that last point, volunteer Al was recognised as the Friends of the Farm Volunteer of the Month. The FoF are the volunteers who labour faithfully in the Arboretum. Al is one of our resident uber handy people, and was responsible for building the brochure box in front of the Interpretation Centre – no mean feat given it involved hand-waving about theoretical dimensions from those commissioning this well-used feature!

Al in the Arboretum. Photo (c) P McColl

Al and Erma are known for getting things done quickly, without fuss and with great diligence. They show up early before most people on Fridays, Tim Horton’s coffee in hand. They also share their photographs on our PBase photoblog, and stories of plant or butterfly spottings during their many hikes through national parks. Erma also makes delicious sweets bars!

Hats off to our great volunteers – we’re glad other people appreciate them as well!


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