Last weeding bee of the season a success!

Holding a pile of pulled DSV.

The last official weeding bee of the season was held 9 September, with a good turnout of over 20 people! There may be another bee scheduled depending on weather, so watch this space.

To try expanding our techno-reach, we made a little video detailing the most recent bee and the effect of the bees in general on our work at FWG.

Bear with us, as the old software stopped working and the new one doesn’t seem to allow for fiddly editing – hours and hours just for a 1-minute vid!!!! We’ll keep trying free editor software in hopes of developing a less painful viewing experience, since we hope to take more video in the future. (FYI, we used NCH’s free editor for this vid after Windows Movie Maker refused to entertain our attempts at loading new clips in a repeatedly cranky-crash fashion.)


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