FWG Volunteer in the News: Hedrik on Urban Fishing

Hedrik is a volunteer at FWG, especially with the TISG contingent.

The Ottawa Citizen profiled him and discusses urban fish ecology in this August 2012 article and video by Andrew Duffy.

A great big fish story: Tao of the urban muskie hunter

“Hedrik Wachelka grew up a stone’s throw from Dow’s Lake, the mitten-shaped pond that would form the improbable centre of his life’s obsession.

His father, a Polish Army veteran who came to Canada and raised a family after the Second World War, used to take young Hedrik with him to fish for dinner.

“My dad was always fishing bass or pickerel, or different types of panfish,” he tells me as we wait on the shores of the same lake for our boat to arrive. “Muskies were this great big fish that would sometimes show up and scare the stuffing out of you.”

The shadowy giant captured Hedrik’s imagination. He caught his first in Dow’s Lake in 1964 when he was 13 years old.” Click to read the rest and watch the video!


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