What are you doing this Saturday? Why not help some pollinators!

Monarch caterpillar amongst the flowers of Common Milkweed

This Saturday, June 16th, from 9AM until 12:30PM marks our first public work bee at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden this season. We invite anyone interested in a little hard work and not afraid of getting dirty to come out and lend a hand. Bring a friend!

After meeting at the Interpretation Centre, we’ll head over to the Butterfly Meadow to plant over 2000 native plants beloved by local pollinators. As part of this work, we’ll be preparing planting sites by turning soil and using our fancy big manual sifters to remove Dog-strangling Vine (DSV) roots.

Other jobs include removing DSV from around existing flowers in the Butterfly Meadow, especially near Common Milkweed. Monarch Butterflies can confuse DSV with Common Milkweed as both belong to the milkweed family. However, caterpillars rely on Common Milkweed as their food source, such that caterpillars that hatch on DSV starve and die. Given the significant challenges migrating Monarchs already face with loss of food sources, they can use as much assistance as we can provide! The first Monarch at FWG was spotted on June 6th, so the sooner we clear the invasive weeds, the better!

Volunteers from FWG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers working on the Butterfly Meadow

This work bee is part of our on-going project to build a giant Monarch Waystation at FWG. We currently have a small model Monarch Waystation on-site to demonstrate how easy and beautiful creating food and habitat for pollinators can be!

The Fletcher Wildlife Garden is a registered Monarch Waystation through Monarch Watch. This project was made possible by a generous grant from Fido and the Evergreen Foundation, partners in the Share Your Care campaign, and by voters like you! Other work bees to tackle DSV will be held on weekends this summer, so stay tuned here and to our website for dates.


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