Still looking for native plants for your garden? Updated sale list here!

After a day of great sales (thank you!), we have now had a chance to re-inventory our stock and decide what will still be available for sale. The pdf contains this information. Some plants are listed as ‘ASK’, which means we have very limited numbers. We do have a few plants of Wild Bergamot and Beebalm, so if you are specifically looking for those also ask. Our plans are to otherwise plant them in the Butterfly Meadow; however, we are happy to sell a few for other pollinator gardens.

We also have Elderberries (shrubs with edible fruit) that keep getting grazed by chipmunks and rabbits, but we promise have excellent roots (they survived the hungry munchers over winter!), Juneberries (shrubs to small trees – edible fruit – AKA Saskatoon Berry) and some Pin Cherries as well as Red Osier Dogwood.

We know shade ground covers are very popular, and unfortunately are the dickens to grow from seed. Since ours only spread so quickly, it limits how much we have for sale each year when we dig up transplants. Nevertheless, we are continuously pondering how to increase our stock for sale with the least amount of effort and oversight from volunteers.

Just email us if you are interested in making a purchase, or stop by Friday mornings to chat. We are happy to put trays together for you to pick-up outside those times, but we need concrete commitments as volunteers come in specifically to do this.

fletcher [a t]

Post Sale Plant Inventory 2012 [pdf]


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