We love corporate volunteers!

Green Heron – our mascot! They like to hang out at the Amphibian Pond and eat all the frogs. Photo by Sandy Garland

In May, FWG played host to two corporate volunteer groups. Through Evergreen, Microsoft employees came and helped plant trees on the steep and newly-cleared slopes of the ravine. Their enthusiasm and stick-to-it-ness in the face of wrangling massive plants down thorny, and to then hack holes out of clay and roots was so very much appreciated. These Elderberries should survive the rabbits!

Right before the Plant Sale, volunteers from PriceWaterhouseCoopers came and planted a few trees on the slope before heading to the Butterfly Meadow to plant flowers and sift soil. They even returned after their lunch to continue work despite only being scheduled in for 3 hours that day! Diane said it was the best group she’s ever had.

We still have a lot of trees to plant in the Ravine and woods, and tons of work in the Butterfly Meadow as well as around the FWG. If your company has a volunteer programme, please do consider spending some time with us. We particularly like the corporate groups for the targeted tasks like tree planting in difficult areas, since they tend to be easier to coordinate as a team.

Microsoft volunteers planting trees in the ravine. This photo makes it look a far flatter landscape than it actually is!

PWC volunteers working in the Butterfly Meadow.

We’ve also been the happy recipients of help from Scouts to collect rubbish, and dog-walkers banding together to do a group doggie poop cleaning blitz.

But never fear – we love everyone to pitch in when they can. This summer we have a series of work bees where we invite anyone who wishes to come and join us in tackling a project. At least one planting bee and several weed bees will be held, so pay attention for the final dates! These are always half-day events on the weekend, and the more hands the merrier. We started this initiative last year and the difference was evident after the first one. For example, clearing Dog-strangling Vine in the Butterfly Meadow must be done by hand to leave wanted plants standing. We need to clear each year to prevent going to seed as much as possible, and to let the good plants get a head start growing.

So, if you want to bring your group please do email us at fletcher [at] ofnc.ca. We promise to find you something to do!


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