Plant Sale 2012 – Hands down, a success!

This is a young squirrel, born this spring, but growing fast. He’s sticking his head out of a hole chewed in the top side of a roosting box that this grey squirrel family took over. Many of the roosting boxes are used by red squirrels, but some, as here, have been co-opted by greys. With funds raised, we can build more boxes, but this time, maybe the birds will get in first! :)


Miss the sale? Want plants? Don’t feel depressed just yet about having to wait a whole year for your next opportunity!

We are going to re-inventory what we have left and have chosen to sell, and then we’ll post that list online. You’re also welcome to drop by Friday mornings between 9:30 and 12 should you like to talk to a volunteer and make a purchase.

The sale went wonderfully well considering the weather and competing events – thank you so much to everyone who came out to help support not only our fundraising efforts, but the pollinators in our area! We were really happy to meet new faces and network with other Monarch Waystation aficionados. We’re considering developing a mini-waystation planting kit, so if you are interested please drop us a note in the comments or email us so that we can gauge interest and actual need.

Even the robin nesting right by the Interpretation Centre door put up with all the ruckus, since she knew what an important event it was for us!

We broke a record this year for a rainy sale day, and we’re ecstatic! Thank you!!!


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