Urban Beekeepers Keep Cities Abuzz with Pollinators

By Katherine Harmon  | Scientific American March 31, 2009

Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago. These cosmopolitan cities hardly conjure up the bucolic image of an ideal home for honeybees. But to millions of busy bees, they’re just that. Whereas large-scale commercial beekeepers are busy trucking hives from state to state to pollinate crops, city-dwellers are learning a thing or two about home-raised honey. Bees are being cultivated on roofs everywhere from the Paris Opera House to Chicago’s City Hall.

Like the honeybee itself, urban beekeepers are a “small but mighty” group, says fourth-generation beekeeper Andrew Coté, founder of the New York City Beekeepers Association. With so much buzz about colony collapse disorder (CCD), even those who live far from the farms and orchards are pitching in to beef up the nation’s bee populations (while reaping some sweet rewards for themselves).

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One thought on “Urban Beekeepers Keep Cities Abuzz with Pollinators

  1. Interested in reading more about food production in urban areas? “Look for Carrot City – Creating Places for Urban Agriculture” by Gorgolewski, Mark, published in 2011. The Ottawa Public Library has three copies.

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