Pot-a-pot potting

plants under grow lights

The last two weeks we’ve spent madly potting tiny plants for the upcoming sale. It works best when we have at least 3 people – one to mix soil and fill pots while the other two gently move plugs from the cells to the 4″ pots we use. Some plants are terribly fiddly while others have massive roots and come out of the cells easily. Nodding Onions are either a love-it or hate-it plant for volunteers!

It’s been so chilly that we’ve been potting indoors, making a wonderful mess of the Interpretation Centre. Last year we did most outside when the weather finally warmed up in mid-May. That is actually quite late for potting and our plants were small for the sale as a result. This year the seeds didn’t freeze so they germinated right on schedule, but the weather is not yet cooperating. Native plants have no issues about moving from their coddled indoors to outdoor setting as long as the weather stays above 10C at night. They are among the first plants out in the spring after their first year planted, so it’s just this delicate transition time from sprout to large leafy wonder.We were lucky to order more mushroom compost on a delivery day where we were all set to keep potting. We tend to order a mound every two years. Our special potting blend is 50-50 compost and potting soil – it’s important that the soil be light enough for the small roots, but not so light that transplanting into your garden will be a shock!

We also potted up our bare root shrubs. We buy them like this and then grow them for sale and planting out here.

If you have old 4″ pots in great condition that you no longer need, do feel free to donate them to us. We also like those trays used for holding pots, including the open mesh style.

The Plant Sale is our main fundraiser for garden activities, so we hope to see you on June 2, starting at 9:30 until 12. We share that weekend with Doors Open and other great activities, so be sure to plan you time to include a stop at our event!


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